This domain has been seized due to Jordan (A.K.A. Mousecop)'s failure to bring up the NNJG servers.

We are holding this domain hostage until our demands are met. These demands are very fair.

  1. Bring back the TTT server.
  2. Bring back the Jailbreak server.
  3. Bring back the spam box (and make it Ok to say the n-word on it)
  4. Pardon Mongo
    • Pardon must include a commuted ban length on all NNJG services and subsidiaries, including the forums
    • Pardon must be final, non-reversible, and binding.
  5. Gash must have a face reveal.
  6. Remove FunnyRaff as global admin.
  7. Bring back Flood.
  8. Ban Overclocking (aka Radiophobia) for hacking on Goldcraft
  9. Remove magic hands from TTT
  10. Reinstate Global Admin for Mark
  11. Inspector Dawgy must be exiled